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Dr. Ann Warner-Ault

Term Assistant Professor of Spanish
Office: Bliss Building 320
Phone(609) 771-2049

Dr. Ann Warner-Ault received her Ph.D. in Hispanic Studies from Columbia University in 2007. At TCNJ she teaches courses on contemporary Hispanic literature and culture as well as language classes. She recently created a writing-intensive first-year seminar in English about the experience of Hispanic immigrants in the U.S. and is currently teaching an upper-level Spanish course about avant-garde art and literature in Spain and Latin America. Her research interests include Hispanic and Brazilian art and literature, Latino literature, language-teaching pedagogy, and designing community-engaged learning projects for college students. Her recent publications include a co-authored book chapter about the pedagogy behind video-games to teach Spanish to college students and an article about the use of child-narrators in recent films about immigration. Her current writing project examines the experimental self-portraits of artists and writers in 1920s Mexico.


    • SPA 101: Spanish for Beginners I
    • SPA 102: Spanish for Beginners II
    • FSP 102: Becoming American: The Hispanic Experience in the U.S.
    • SPA 103: Spanish for Beginners II
    • SPA 211: Spanish Composition and Grammar Review
    • SPA 241: Introduction to Literature in Spanish
    • SPA 370: Avant-garde Art and Literature in Spain and Latin America


    • B.A. – University of Texas (Austin)
    • Secondary School Teaching Credential from St. Edward’s University
    • MA; Ph.D. – Columbia University