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Dr. Jiayan Mi


 Associate Professor of English and World Languages & Cultures
Bliss Building 218

Phone: (609) 771-2468




    • All Mandarin Chinese courses from the first- to fourth-year level
    • CHI 348 New Chinese Cinema: Gender, National Identity and Post-Socialist Ideology
    • CHI 370 Contemporary Chinese Feminist Literature
    • CHI 371 Study on Gao Xingjian’s plays and novels
    • CHI 391 Modern and contemporary Chinese Poetry
    • WLC 371 Asian Cinema in Global Context: Martial Arts/Kung Fu, Anime and Bollywood
    • FSP 104 Rock ‘N’ Roll in Post-Mao China
    • FSP 104 Global Ecocinema and Ethics of Environmentalism
    • FSP 104 Vietnam War and Hollywood Cinema
    • FSP-101 Man, Machine and Cyborg: Understanding Technoculture
    • LIT 394/CMP 370 Zen and the Beat Writers
    • LIT 394/CMP 370 Posthuman Subjectivity: Critical Issues in Cyberpunk Literature
    • LIT 217 Multicultural LIT Diaspora and Transmigration in Asian American Literature
    • LIT 670 Diaspora and Transmigration: Critical Issues in Asian American Literature
    • LIT 345 Orientalism and Western Imagination.
    • LIT 345 Virtual Tibet: Cool Spirituality in an Age of Popular Culture
    • LIT 218: Literature of the Quest: Journey, Initiation and Identity Politics


    • Literature and Chinese Modernity
    • East-West Comparative Poetics
    • New Chinese/Asian Cinema— Visual Culture
    • Contemporary Chinese Popular Culture
    • Globalization and Diaspora Culture
    • Asian American Literature
    • Critical Theory
    • 20th Century World Modernism and Post-Modernism


    • B.A. English Language and Literature, Sichuan International Studies University, Chongqing, PRC, 1985
    • M. A. Chinese and Comparative Literature, Peking University, PRC, 1991
    • Ph. D. English Literature and Cultural Study, the Chinese University of Hong Kong, 1996
    • Ph. D. Comparative Literature, Film Studies and Visual Culture, University of California, Davis, 2002


Selected Publications in English:

    •  “Consuming Tibet: Imperial Romance and the Wretched of Holy Plateau” (co-authored with Jason C. Toncic). Buddhism and American Cinema. Eds. Gary Storhoff and John Whalen-Bridge. Albany/New York: State University of New York, 2014.
    •  “Remapping the Roots: Specular Routes and Spectral Homescape.”  Writing Spaces: Travel, Global Cities and Landscape. Eds. Wang Yi-Chun and Jonathan White. Taipei: National Sun Yat-sen University, 2013.
    •  “Framing Ambient Umheimlich: Ecoggedon, Ecological Unconscious and Water Pathology in New Chinese Cinema.” Chinese Ecocinema in the Age of Environmental Challenge (Co-editor with Sheldon Lu). Hong Kong: Hong Kong University Press, 2009.
    •  “Entropic Anxiety and the Allegory of Disappearance: Hydro-Utopianism in Zheng Yi’s Old Well and Zhang Wei’s Old Boat.” China Information. 21 No. 1 (March 2007): 109-140.
    •  “Poetics of Navigation: River Lyricism, Epic Consciousness and Post-Mao Sublime Poemscape.” Modern Chinese Literature and Culture.19. 1(Spring 2007):91-137.
    •  “The Visual Imagined Communities: Media State, Virtual Citizenship and TELEvision in River Elegy.” The Quarterly Review of Film and Video 22.4 (October-December 2005): 327-340.
    •  “The Fantastic/Exotic Uncanny: Kafka’s and Borges’s Labyrinthine Narrative of China.” Tamkang Review XXXVI No. 3 (Spring 2006): 105-136.

Selected Publications in Chinese:

    •  Poetry Across Oceans: An Anthology of Chinese American Diaspora Poetry/《四海为诗:旅美华人离散诗歌精选》. Taiyuan: Beiyuewenyi Chubanshe, 2014 (editor).
      poetry across oceans
    •  “Poetics of Navigation: River Lyricism, Epic Consciousness and Post-Mao Sublime Poemscape.”  JiangHan Review 35 (October 2014): 51-59.
    •  “Fantasmatic Voyage: Elizabeth Bishop’s Hodoeporics of Seascape.” Foreign Literatures 132 (December 2013):  112-121.
    •  “Anti-line Drives: Orality, Vocality and Embodiment in Huang Xiang’s Poetry.” Journal of Taiwan Poetics 21 (May 2013): 125-148.
    • “颓败的田园梦: 论李金发的乐园图景与残酷的心理幻象” (Ruined Paradise: Utopian Vision and Cruel Disillusionment in Li Jinfa’s Poetry). Poetry Weekly 59 (June 2013): 70-81.
    •  “Framing Ambient Umheimlich: Ecoggedon, Ecological Unconscious and Water Pathology in New Chinese Cinema.” Yangtze River Review, 5 (December 2010): 79-89.

Work in Progress:

    •  Heteroscape: Topography and Poetics of Navigation in Modern Chinese Literature, Art and Film (Under contract with Brill)
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