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Instructor Carla Caponegro


Instructor Carla Caponegro


Adjunct Professor of French

Office:Bliss Building 304
Phone: (609) 771-3398

Ph.D. and M. A. – French and Italian – Princeton University

Certificate of Graduate Studies – Institut d’études françaises d’Avigon, Avignon, France

  1. A.  – French Cultural Studies – Rutgers University

 In my doctoral dissertation entitled “Roman Censorship and the Reshaping of Montaigne’s Essays” I study Michel de Montaigne’s (1533-1592) trip to Rome in 1581, his meeting with the Roman censors and the impact these events had on the writing of his famous Essays. In the last twelve years I have been teaching a wide range of French and Italian courses at Princeton University, Fordham University, Rutgers University and TCNJ. In 2009, while at Princeton University, I was awarded the Alfred Foulet Teaching Award.

Some other areas of interest are European visual arts, film studies, history of fashion, travel literature, women studies, and Romanian cinema.

In my courses, students do not only learn a new language, but they also engage with the complexity of a new culture. They learn appreciate and analyze diversity from a political, cultural, and historical viewpoint.