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Russian Studies Minor

The Russian Studies minor consists of five course units, three of which must be taken at The College of New Jersey. A minimum grade of C is required in all courses taken to fulfill the minor requirements. Students are required to take RUS 251 for 2 units and then may choose 3 units of coursework in other courses from this list:


RUS 171 Interdisciplinary Survey of Russia (taught in English) – 1 unit

RUS 223 Experiential Learning in Russian – .5 units (may be repeated) – for students on study abroad or volunteering in a Russian-speaking community setting in Philadelphia or New York

RUS 236 History of Russian Film- 1 unit

RUS 252 Fourth-semester Russian – 1 unit

RUS 301 Fifth-semester Russian – 1 unit

RUS 302 Sixth-semester Russian – 1 unit

RUS 390 Independent Studies in Russian – 1 unit

RUS 401 Seventh-Semester Russian – 1 unit

RUS 402 Eighth-semester Russian – 1 unit

HIS 324, 348, 349, or 351 – 1 unit each (courses about Russian History)

POL 360 – 1 unit

Or other courses about Russian literature, film, art, and society, upon approval of the advisor for the Russian Studies Minor (Dr. Rifkin).

For information on the Russian minor, please go to the Undergraduate Bulletin (Click on ‘Humanities & Social Sciences,’ then on ‘World Languages and Cultures’ and search for ‘Requirements for the Minor’).

To Declare a Minor in Russian Studies

Print out and fill out this form: Application of Minor/Removal of Minor

Then bring the form, together with a copy of your unofficial transcript (which you can print out from PAWS) to the office of the Department of World Languages and Cultures. Your application will be reviewed by the chair of the Department and, if approved, forwarded to the Office of Records and Registration for entry into your academic record.

Self-Designed Major in Russian Studies

It is now possible to petition for a self-designed major in Russian language, culture and history. A self-designed major in Russian Studies offers students the possibility to undertake in-depth study of the language, culture, history, and society of Russia. Students will be able to study the geography, history, and culture of Russia starting at the intermediate level. Students must get approval from Dr. Alex Berg and from the Self-Designed Major Committee. See Self Designed Majors for more details.