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Bunkasai (Japanese cultural festival) 2015

Bunkasai (Japanese cultural festival) 2015

October 24, 2015


The Japanese Program held its fifth annual Bunkasai on Saturday, October 24th in the Bliss Hall lounge. All students currently taking Japanese, as well as the Anime Club and TCNJ Kokikai Aikido clubs, gave interactive presentations. We learned about different regions of Japan, how to make a “teru teru bozu” doll to ward off rain, the Japanese comedy form “manzai” (replete with a demonstration), how to draw Japanese and American mascot characters, and much more!


Many thanks to Keiko Ishida-sensei for her wonderful help and enthusiasm in making this project a success.


All the participants did an amazing job! Yoku gambarimashita!!Anime club Jeopardy Bullet video game presentation Bunkasai Aikido Jimmy TJ front Bunkasai Aikido Jimmy TJ Bunkasai Branin Ishida Bunkasai decorations Bunkasai Jimmy Wulf unbreakable arm Bunkasai Kyushu 10.24.2015 Bunkasai Lavelle Mcateer' Bunkasai mascot presentation 10.24.2015 Bunkasai Niedt Shamisen 10.24.2915 Bunkasai setup 11.24.2015 Hallmark Teru teru Bozu Hangin at the fest Hokkaido presentation Ishida tongue twisters Japanese castles presentation kamakura snow festival presentation Kawagoe presentation Make your own family crest Making Teru Teru Bozu Manzai Japanese comedy Tokyo Wards Klein and Diaz Watching Aikido