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WLC Policies


TCNJ’s OP classes are the fourth hour of your World Language classes.

  1. For the Fall 2020 semester, all Oral Proficiency (OP) sections will be conducted remotely. OP classes will begin the week of September 14 and continue for 10 weeks.
  2. You can find the Oral Proficiency hour on your PAWS calendar from the fourth week of the semester on so you will have to move the schedule of classes forward to the fourth week to see your OP class.
  3. There are no makeups for OP classes.
  4. Attendance is mandatory and will be taken in each OP class.
  5. Students must attend the OP section for which they are registered – the one that appears on their PAWS Fall 2020 schedule.
  6. OP attendance is a component of each student’s grade in his or her foreign language class.
  7. Students are expected to be in their virtual OP classroom promptly for the beginning of class and visible on screen to their OP leader. In order to facilitate dynamic interaction in OP sections, you will be expected to have your camera and your microphone on during the entire class period. If you have technical difficulties, there is a great deal of IT support available from TCNJ.
  8. There is a lesson plan for each class. All students are expected to participate in the activities that the OP leader has planned for each session.

For questions about Oral Proficiency classes, please contact the appropriate coordinator: