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Strategic Plan


Following the Department of Modern Languages Program Review in 2009-10, we were charged by Dean Rifkin in early Fall 2010 to draft a strategic plan for the department outlining our goals and objectives as well as the strategic initiatives we will undertake to achieve these goals. This charge was discussed at the September 2010 department faculty meeting, and it was agreed that the department’s Executive Committee would meet and create an initial draft as a point of departure for discussion and consultation with faculty, students, staff and alumni.

The Executive Committee met on a number of occasions and also worked independently in drafting sections of the proposed strategic plan. The drafts and revisions were shared through a Wiki allowing all members of the Executive Committee ready access to suggestions and revisions. The Executive Committee finalized a draft in late October 2010. Updates on the Executive Committee’s progress were shared with the Modern Languages faculty in the department meetings.

At the beginning of November 2010, the Executive Committee circulated a draft of the strategic plan to all department faculty members for discussion at the November 10 meeting. Collectively, the faculty reviewed each goal and initiative, and consensus was reached on a revised draft. The faculty were asked to submit names of students and alumni from the various language sections so the strategic plan could be circulated among them for further comment and suggestions.

The chair circulated the draft among 25 students and alumni and requested feedback. 50% of those surveyed responded, many with very detailed comments. The chair compiled the comments, which were discussed at the department’s December 2010 faculty meeting. Final revisions to the strategic plan were made to incorporate the student and alumni suggestions. Following these revisions, the faculty unanimously approved the document and agreed to send it to Dean Rifkin. The strategic plan was officially approved on April 7, 2011.

We are grateful for the collective efforts that contributed to our comprehensive strategic plan, and look forward to using it to guide our future initiatives. We genuinely appreciate the interest and dedication of all those who participated in this project.

View the strategic plan here.