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Instructor Isabel Kentengian

Instructor of Spanish
Office: Bliss Building 324
Phone: (609) 771-2699

Isabel Kentengian began her career teaching languages in Madrid, Spain. As a bi-national, she became interested at an early age in questions of cultural and national identity, heritage language maintenance, individual and societal bilingualism, and cross-cultural understanding. For her, language and culture studies are central to developing citizenship skills in an increasingly interdependent world. During her MA studies in Applied Linguistics, she focused on second language acquisition, sociolinguistics, and Spanish in the United States. She is currently pursuing doctoral studies at New York University, focusing on universities as key institutions of globalization. She is especially interested in pedagogical questions of the presentation of culture, second language writing, community engaged learning, and heritage language learning. Other recent research projects have explored the shifting representations of immigrants in Spanish film, and of DREAMers in U.S. political discourse.

In addition to her academic work, Isabel serves as a volunteer trip administrator for Healing the Children New Jersey. Since 1999, she has led 14 medical-surgical teams to Ecuador, Thailand, Bolivia and the Dominican Republic.


  • SPA 101-102-103: Spanish for Beginners I, II, and III
  • SPA 210: Spanish for Heritage Speakers
  • SPA 211: Spanish Composition and Grammar Review
  • SPA 219: Spanish for Medical Purposes
  • SPA 270: Topics: Hispanic Immigration – The Human Face of Globalization


  • B.A. – Bryn Mawr College
  • Certificate – Universidad Complutense de Madrid
  • M.A. – University of Illinois at Chicago
  • In progress: Ph.D. – New York University


  • Producing Globally Prepared Students: An Analysis of Global Studies Undergraduate Major Program Types.
  • De pueblo emigrante a país de inmigrantes: un análisis de la representación del “otro” en España en la cinematografía contemporánea.
  • The global/local dynamic in global undergraduate programs: implications for cosmopolitanism.
  • Junior Year in Madrid: The 1958 Beginnings of NYU as a Global Network University.
  • Improving Students’ Writing Skills Through Peer Review.
  • Facilitating Global Citizenship: The Earth Charter in the Language Classroom.
  • International Medical Volunteer Programs: A Form of Global Citizenship?
  • Culture in the Language Classroom: An Intercultural Approach.
  • Developing Intercultural Communicative Competence.
  • Healing the Children: Reflections on the Sustainability and Impact of International Volunteer Programs.
  • Culture Matters: Bridging Cultures Successfully.